The Real Kim J(KimDashh)
I Would Never Want To Be Any One Else But Me..So All You Wanna Be's..FUCK YOU! With <3
-Kim J

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Set The Record!

First Off To Set The Fucking Record! Im Not Fake Shit! “” Is A Tumblr That Got Fucking Hacked! All The Pictures On There Are Not New Pictures! They Are Pictures I Have On My Facebook Already! AND She Is Using Videos From MY YOUTUBE!!! Thats Why Mine Are Uploaded Directly From My Computer Instead Of From My Youtube Account! So Like Really Bitches! Get On With The Bullshit!


Smh all these fake tumblrs of india westbrooks! good thing i follow the real one..smh all these people with no life hacking into peoples shit is petty!

He’s So weird

My Idol!

My Idol!